Jun 6, 2011

Custom Gear Shift Knob

One of the first upgrades I made after buying my Jaguar was replacing the leather gear shift knob with a custom one. In contrast to the original, the upgraded version is slightly larger, hand-made, and has a Jaguar badge inlaid under a high gloss resin. I was also diligent in my selection to find one that matched the colouring of the burled walnut in my car's interior. It's no surprise that you can find these knobs with a variety of stains and custom badges, although the wood interiors of Jaguars have made them popular targets.

I made my purchase online from a craftsman who specializes in custom woodwork out of Quebec. The piece cost about $80, which isn't the cheapest option obviously, but it was still more affordable than buying one of these gear shift knobs directly from Jaguar. The interior of the XJ8 is stunning as it is, but this is one of the easiest upgrades to make and it adds a striking focal point to the centre console. Not to mention, it seems like a small price to pay for something that you get to look at and enjoy every time you drive.

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