Jun 14, 2011

Sony Cybershot DSC-W570 Camera

I shoot photography for a retail website so I use a DSLR on an almost daily basis.  The options are great, the quality is excellent, but outside of the studio an SLR isn't always ideal.  It's a bit too bulky for casual outings, which is why you can't underestimate the value of a decent point and shoot. 

I've had four Sony Cybershots since I went digital back in 2004.  I've consistently upgraded every couple of years when I found a point and shoot camera that offered higher quality images and mega pixels for under $200.  So far Sony hasn't let me down.

The DSC-W570 offers simple and brilliant photography in an ultra compact unit.  It weighs only 4.1 ounces and is the slimmest Cybershot yet at just under an inch thick.  What that means is that this is perfect for throwing in my pocket and heading out the door for some impromptu photography.  Something I tried out just the other evening

At 16.1 mega pixels the images I shoot are ideal for web based display and create very crisp looking standard prints.  Manual features are still limited here, so this doesn't replace the versatility of an SLR.  But like I said, the flexibility of having a high-res camera that is smaller and takes better photos than an iPhone is a huge plus in my books.  Not to mention, it's an affordable option for something of its class.

There is a subtle wide angle lens built into the unit, which helps to really open up small spaces. I was really impressed while taking pictures of my cars interior how you could actually see the entire space.  If you're a perfectionist however, this does result in slight distortion around the edges of the frame on occasion.  It's minimal, but is more noticeable if working in extreme close-ups.

Perhaps best of all is the vibrancy of the images this camera takes.  The colors are rich, sharp, and capture the light beautifully.  I've still been playing around with it just to see how far I can push it and then how well the images can stand up to my manipulation in post.  So far so good.

I think it's safe to say that you can expect a lot of new photography this summer. And for a more comprehensive review of this product and its features, check out CNET's review here.  I found it helpful.


Wendy said...

Sweet camera! I usually use a DSLR myself, but it's getting quite dated. It's the Canon Digital Rebel XT but it's crazy bulky and just an inconvenience to be carrying around so I'm looking for something more compact. Your review on the Cybershot is helpful and I look forward to seeing more shots you take with it.

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Wendy! Ya, you can't go wrong with a good point and shoot camera these days.