Jun 21, 2011

Problems With Avid Studio

While I still stand by my initial review of Avid Studio in saying what a great product it is, I thought it might be worth while to write about a few of the things that I'd like to see improved upon for the next version.  This is probably useful information for any of you considering Avid Studio as one of your editing platforms.

1.  No Archive Feature

In the latest version of Pinnacle 15 an archive restore feature was introduced that oddly wasn't included in the more prosumer and 'upgraded' package of Avid Studio.  Pinnacle 15 lacks the unlimited tracks and technical finesse that Avid does, however it seems like a strange decision not to include this new tool that prosumers or corporate editors like myself would gravitate towards, in a package more costly than the standard Pinnacle software.  

2. Slow Rendering Time

While not the slowest editing software I've ever used, Avid Studio could still use some improvement in this area.  Even with a powerful video card and more memory than I need, Avid doesn't always pack enough punch to render filters or transitions as quickly as you'd hope - especially in the live viewing mode.  

3. Slow Start Up

When I'm moving files around on my computer and I want to pop open Avid Studio to get to work, I'm generally annoyed with how long the program takes to open up.  It loads and refreshes, and generally takes its sweet time.

4. A Few Bugs

This is more of a general complaint as the program hasn't been nearly as buggy as previous Pinnacle studio products I've used, however Avid Studio still isn't perfect.  On occasion the program gets bogged down and the live renders kind of skip and glitch in preview mode.  The renders themselves are fine, but it's frustrating when you can't preview beforehand. 

5. Not 64-Bit (Technically)

Although it's said that Avid Studio is optimized for 64-bit, it's still not a native 64-bit program.  This one actually doesn't bother me personally, but I know others have expressed concern about this.

6. No Multi-Trim Tool

One feature I've enjoyed in other programs is a multi-trim tool that allows you to set your in and out points on a clip without having to cut it into multiple pieces to remove something from the middle of a piece of footage.  At the moment, Avid Studio doesn't have this.

Overall however, Avid Studio is still a very capable and well rounded piece of software.  I've used it numerous times for various styles of editing and I've yet to regret the investment.  There's always room for improvement though, isn't there?

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