Aug 17, 2008

On the Local News

Back in 2006 my short film, A Chill in the Air garnered me some attention because it was associated with a National Film Board of Canada video competition. The full story about the experience can be read here, but I thought it would be worth while to share the news clip that aired about my project in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta. The brief interview can be viewed below.


Anonymous said...

Interviews Suck! My home town newspaper did it for me too and I realized I should not be interviewed. A town of 1200 is a far cry from the Hat who also rallied behind that Canadian Idole guy.

Mr. Premier, I beg the question how come a fellow in the same contest in the same situation yet actually from and still residing in the province of your rule gets nothing from you?

Luke, did you try to get with the Hat Anchor lady? She seems to be smiling a lot. I also watched a photo montage thing TC did and it looked like you were wheeling that chick harder than 30mph 90 degree turn.

Editing Luke said...

haha, well you know how it is in saskatchewan, they want the alberta folks to stay.

you have to let me know what this photo collage is though so i can check it out. you've lost me.

Anonymous said...

I hope none of them are your sister or any relatives cause the whole thing kinda makes you look like a ladies man.

Editing Luke said...

lol, oh the xmas party! i was just celebrating :)