Aug 3, 2008

Car Kaleidoscope

A couple months ago I found out about the 2008 Toronto Urban Film Festival and thought it sounded like an interesting new venue unlike anything I'd taken part in before. The basic premise of the festival is to look at urban life in fresh new ways and submit a film exactly 60 seconds long, with no audio, into one of the varied categories from nature in the city to urban growth. 

I decided to make a film for the Urban Travel category and make a short art film based on the patterns during rush hour using a single intersection. The fest has yet to announce their selections, but I've left out the most intriguing aspect of why I wanted to do this. The whole festival is screened in repetition over 8 days on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) which means it screens on the network of 250 platforms of the Toronto Subway. Regardless of whether I'm accepted, I still think it's a neat little project worth sharing. This version has been altered slightly as I've added an audio track and repeated the film several times. You can see the film below or for the full effect watch it in larger HD quality here!


Kath Lockett said...

Nice one, Luke. It reminds me of those 'Magic Eye' visual puzzles that were very popular a few years back but yours moves!

Editing Luke said...

it's funny you say that, I found myself looking at this like one of those visual puzzles too . . . no hidden image though :)

Mister Scott said...

combined with the music (which reminds me of nineties ray-lynch-esque "new age") the experience is oddly relaxing... well done!