Aug 14, 2008


Twenty years and several owners later, my trusty 1989 Buick Park Avenue hit 250,000km today.  I have to say that as much as I originally thought this car was kind of lame, I've come to love it. It's become a character, not just in some of my movies, but to anyone who knows me. Lovingly referred to as THE Buick, she's been around since I was a kid when she was my moms. 

When I think about the family vacations we went on, driving her when I was 16 and throughout high school, trips to university, and then finally owning the car when I turned 21, the Buick has been a significant fixture in a lot of the things I've done. Here's hoping she still has a few more adventures left in her.


Anonymous said...

Thats not that much km for that car. My '02 Focus has 210 on it and 100 of those are from me in the last 3 years. There goes the environment.

Its funny how a vehicle can become part of you, I owned a '89 berretta that was black and I miss the black, the sunroof and digital dash, but the car I miss most is my '78 AMC Matador. You can't replace a moment in which you have "cruised" the streets with 17 people in one car, the AM radio that only picked up 540, the way it floated on the roughest roads yet still had enough juice for a brake torque, two tone Brown including painted rims with beauty rings, how I never gave it an oil change I just replaced it with used oil I stole from work (Esso) and the fact I drove it for 4 years and put a grand total of $200 into the car. The car was pretty much all original and in fairly good condition. Dad figured I could drive it to car shows and because of the rarity and pristine original aspects I would win a few awards. I miss that car so and if I had the money in a heartbeat I'd made everything possible to keep it in mint condition as long as possible. Or if I can ever get my hands on another one...

Editing Luke said...

well no doubt you can rack up a lot of km on road trips, but consider that for the most part these km were put on in the city. that's what kills a car faster in a lot ways, but what makes it seem better to me is that despite the km the car is still in pretty nice shape. which if we go by your description of vehicles, haha, can be difficult to maintain over 20 years.