Aug 25, 2008

Day Dream Day

Everyone has a thinking place.

Day Dream Day (2008) Written & Directed by Luke Fandrich

Perched on the roof with the street at a glance,
An afternoon devoted to pondering chance.

The neighbourhood's silent, the possibility's there,
But you think to yourself, and you shift and you stare.

It's nice to be free, it's nice to be young,
Your potential, you reason, is so out strung.

You glance at the windows, the roofs, and ground,
It's a long way up, when the there's just pavement around.

The world is my oyster, the future my now,
So many questions, but most of them how.

I want to be seen, and I want to be heard,
But so high up, I think, there's only the birds.

So I'll get back to the ground, get my head from the clouds,
I'll shuffle and mingle, shake hands with the crowds.

I'll do what it takes, and I'll work the late hours,
I'll sacrifice some sleep, some meals, some showers.

I'm just another dreamer, another guy with some hope,
Just a man on a leash, tugged by someone else's rope.

But from here things look fine, with camera in hand,
I'll shoot what I'll see, I'll edit and I'll land.

All at once I won't do, cause I don't wanna fall,
I'll just ease myself back, while admiring it all.

But maybe not yet, not just for this minute,
I want to dream a bit more, and find myself lost in it.


Anonymous said...

I think this is one of your best things as of late. I would have liked to see a little slower pace in the cut when you dream a little more at the end. Your actions and the cut pace make me feel like you didn't do much dreaming up there and opted for more work.

Anonymous said...

love it!

Editing Luke said...

A little bit of both, M. This is one of my fav recent projects as well.

I like the ending because it's me setting up all those shots, which I thought was fitting seeing as I was talking about my film work. It was the mix of things I dreamt about doing, but at the same time, showing that I was doing them right now.

I opted for quicker cuts because I didn't want my dreaming to seem passive. I wanted to show that as much as I embrace time with my thoughts, I'm quick to pursue what they were and what they are.

Velu said...

Hey did you cahnge the thing on top of the blog? Looking good.

Keep up the good work.


Kath Lockett said...

Nice one, Luke. Your 'dreaming' spot is a bit more relaxing than mine which is on the treadmill!

I'll go with 'm' though - perhaps more slower shots of you just sitting there, dreaming, instead of getting up all the time....?

Anonymous said...

I like this one Luke! I personally thought the walking at the end was a nice transition. The whole first half was you sitting and thinking, and your comment adds some nice background to your work.

Kath Lockett said...

...I forgot to say the other day Luke that I loved the poem, too!

Anonymous said...

Luke, Great job! I have passed this along to a few friends. Keep up the great work!