Aug 27, 2008

A Summer of Shorts

Indeed it has been a beautiful summer, perfect short wearing weather, perfect making film shorts weather, but too short all the same. With the bad jokes out of the way, allow me to get down to the task at hand.

With as often as I'm discussing one of my random projects, I'm not sure if you've had a chance to see the variety of things that I've posted here on my blog, on youtube, or on my facebook group this summer so I thought a recap of the last few months was in order.

I find myself trying to stay in touch with so many people on so many different online accounts that it's tough to remember what I've shared and with who. What I've posted on this blog, what I've talked about, and so on and so forth is kind of a part-time job in itself, but the goal is to find an audience: people just like you! So, I apologize if you've seen some of these already, but even if you have why not check them out again, it's only a couple minutes. Hey, you might even like something (which would be nice to know)!

I've included a brief description of each project and a link to the video on my youtube account. For the best playback click the 'watch in high quality' link beneath the video on the youtube site. As always I appreciate any of your comments or ratings on youtube, any comments here on this blog, as well as any personal comments through facebook or email.

I want to thank all of you who pass by this blog and lend a little of your time just to see some of the shorts I've come up with, or share your thoughts on something I want to talk about. It's been a great experience thus far, and your continued interest only fuels my motivation and inspires me to create new things and push myself further. Thank you! I can only hope that what I'm putting out there in return meets your expectations.

Without further delay, the 2008 Summer of Shorts recap:

I'm Luke, I'm Fandrix
The one year blogiversary video.

Chico Bandito: The Series
Inspired by a marionette that I found in the laundry room, Chico Bandito is a series about the marionette's planned and hopeful escape.

Day Dream Day
My most recent edit about a thinking place and my personal outlook.

Space Drama!
A found footage project I put together using footage from a 1950's sci-fi show.

A tale of sibling rivalry at a playground.

Car Kaleidoscope
My submission to the Toronto Urban Film Fest, showing urban life in an experimental short.

Rushmore & South Dakota Recap
A recap within the recap, this edit was made this summer to sum up the road trip to Mount Rushmore I went on in 2007.

Split Wash
A technical exercise I made using a split frame of the same image while washing my car.

Educated Detours Trailer
A promo for the short film I made with my friend Paul several summers ago in 2006.

Give it Time (2008 Version)
My submission in the Youngcuts International festival in Montreal this year.

For more of my work/writing/edits/etc. you can visit my youtube channel, and facebook group:

It's always enjoyable to share what I've got going on, and I look forward to a whole new series of projects to debut in the coming months. I can't believe the fall is just around the corner, but here's to what has been a great summer!

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