Sep 3, 2012

Abandoned Shops in Walsh

I previously shared these photos on my other blog, Jeeves and the Jaguar as I shot them on road trips to Regina earlier this summer and last winter.  Located along the Trans Canada Highway in Walsh, Alberta just along the provincial border with Saskatchewan, I recall memories of stopping here for ice cream as a kid.  

The colourful red and yellow prairie motif has always made these buildings easy to spot from the road and they've been painted this way for as long as I can remember them. They're partially boarded up and in rough shape now, but the paint allows some of the original character to shine through.  In addition to simply being fascinated by abandoned places like this, I was impressed with how overgrown the surroundings were in contrast to the winter.  It seems like a lot more is hiding in the summer.  Despite the giant for sale sign, it's tough to imagine these places ever coming back as they were.    

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