Sep 28, 2013

Thinking Hat: Behind the Scenes

On Thursday night I was in the Beveridge Block with Jessie and Phil from Spectacle, and I got to work setting up my half of our Thinking Hat exhibition. Jessie and Phil, by the way, did an amazing job getting my work printed and mounted on foam core for my part of the show. I had the comparatively easy task of just arranging my prints and hanging them up - so big thanks to them!

Being in the Beveridge again was a bit of a trip, seeing as it was only earlier this year that I was here doing a shoot for my Around the Hat series. To be back displaying some of those images now, and having many of them blown up for the first time, made a strong impression on me when I walked in. For something that so many people have responded to online, this exhibition was going to be the first time that I'd get to witness the public's reaction to it.

In general, Thinking Hat was a great excuse to have me review my work and look closely at my project as a whole. My focus was to emphasize the character of Medicine Hat's historic downtown to play off of Spectacle's ideas for renewal and revitalization. Together I think we've come up with something really special, and found a great venue for showing off our creativity too. By the time this post goes live, we'll have already had our opening night - stay tuned!

Here were some of the shots I took while I wandered around the Beveridge Block and hung up my photographs for the exhibition.

Not much to see in the basement.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your "Around the Hat" series. Wish I was there for the exhibition - and in such a cool building too!