Sep 19, 2013

SEXSE at Medalta: Behind the Scenes

There are so many cool things happening with Medalta's artists in residence these days. SEXSE, which stands for Southeast by Southeast, is the name of the latest project I'm working on, featuring several Southeast Asian artists - Vipoo Srivilasa, Thomas Cheong, Krisaya Luenganantakul, Teo Huey Min, and Boon Kiat (James) Seet - and their short term residency here in Southeast Alberta.

Vipoo's spoons depicting the current artists in residence.

Much like the 3D printer video I did for Medalta this spring, this latest project has been an eye opening experience surrounding a variety of creative styles and experiments. In speaking with the artists it's been really interesting to see their work in progress, and document a part of the process that outsiders don't usually see. 

In addition to their main projects, the artists even took to competitive spoon making for an extra challenge. Collaborative ideas like this are what make the residency so special. I joined the group for a pancake breakfast on Sunday, and it's easy to see how the group becomes like a family while they're here. I can't wait to see how this video pans out. Much like the artists who are experimenting with their work, I'm also really excited to sculpt my story from the hours of raw footage I've shot this month. 

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Unknown said...

I am a Canadian living in Singapore and a long time fan of the work of James Seet. It is so good to see him working in and enjoying my country, and of course making AMAZING new contributions to the arts community there. I usually see him during visits to Kuala Lumpur. A few pieces of his work adorn my house, so I am lucky enough to appreciate his work every day. Now I am very much looking forward to seeing what he has to show from his Alberta experience. Now both Canada and Malaysia are part of our shared experience and our understanding of each other can only increase. This is, in itself, an inspiring though. Thank you, Editing Luke, for the opportunity to share it in pictures. -Sean Lacey