Sep 3, 2013

Downtown Portland, Oregon: Part 1

There's a lot to love about Portland. In addition to the casual Portlandia sightings, we actually just killed a lot of time wandering around downtown. From Chinatown and Burnside, to the Pearl District and over to the riverfront, we even walked down to the university and enjoyed the side streets on our way to the aerial tram. 

I was happy to leave the car parked at the hotel and just walk around to explore. We road the train and bus when it was convenient too. It's amazing how quickly you can become attached to a location this way. The people were great, and on more than one occasion when they likely saw us staring at all the signs, they stopped and asked us what we were trying to find. That's always a bonus. I loved all of the one-off shops, cool art, and vintage signs as well. Portland has a lot of character, and is proud to show it off.  

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