Sep 5, 2013

Seaview Beach, Washington

As  we headed further north along the 101, we stopped in Seaview, Washington to visit the ocean one more time. A thick fog was now blanketing the coast, giving the sea and sand a silvery glow. Mike and I took some time to ourselves and walked the beach, waded through the water, and soaked in the cool ocean air.

This was the one time on our road trip that I actually had us pose for a couple of shots. I felt the location captured the iconic view I had in my head. This was what we hoped our Pacific Northwest road trip would be like - and then there we were. We made it.

My picture of a picture.
Mike's picture of me taking a picture of a picture.

Mike trying to score points with his girlfriend haha.

My reflection in the wet sand.

Mike and his Karate Kid moves.
We did this several times trying to capture the perfect arch.

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