Sep 12, 2013

Irons in the Fire: September Projects

These days I can't seem to underestimate just how busy I am. As soon as I got back from my road trip this summer it seemed like everything kicked off at the same time - not that I'm complaining. I was even featured on Washington State Park's official blog today for a post I did on Palouse Falls. In addition to all of these images I've been editing and sharing on my site though, here's some of the work I've got on the go:

1. I just finished up a flood video for the City of Medicine Hat for an event their hosting at the Esplanade to thank all of the workers who put in all those long hours at the end of June. The video is a collage from several video sources and from all those workers who took pictures throughout the flood.

2. I'm currently shooting 2 promo videos for Alberta Culture Days. I've been all over the city for this one trying to capture some of the cool things that make this city unique. The videos are being sponsored by Medalta, the Esplanade, Travel Alberta, and the Medicine Hat Accommodation Association.

3. After the success of the 3D video I did for Medalta this spring, they've hired me on for another project, Southeast by Southeast - Southeast Asia meets Southeast Alberta. This video is centred around a new batch of artists in residence at Medalta (many obviously from Southeast Asia) and their experience here over the next month. From their work to the unique location of the residency itself, this is a really exciting project to be a part of.

4. As of this week I've also started doing some web videos for a local politician's campaign website. They're straightforward talking head interviews, but a cool project (and a great contact) nonetheless.

5. On September 27 my Thinking Hat exhibition with SPECTACLE will be underway in downtown Medicine Hat. This is also for Alberta Culture Days, but will be an excuse to showcase some of my images from my Around the Hat photo series. 

6. In addition to all of this, I'm currently still working full-time for doing their in-house retail photography and video. I've also been tasked with finding a digital publisher for their online magazine and playing a role in making it more interactive.

In short, my life at the moment consists of working, sleeping, and eating from time to time. I have honestly never had more on the go in my professional life than I do at this very moment. These are incredible experiences, some really unique projects to be involved in, and come October I'm sure I'll be happy that I had a chance to be involved in all of them - after a nap of course.

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