Jul 2, 2013

An Underwater Music Video Project

It's been several years since I last caught up with Alex Lamburini. I interviewed him in 2009 when he was still in high school with big aspirations for pursuing a career in film. He's now doing just that as a film student, and recently he got in touch to drum up some support for his latest project on Indiegogo. Check it out! 

Miami DJ Drops Base... Underwater

New York, NY  Produced by Emerson College student filmmakers, Alex Lamburini and Dylan Greiss, The Mence “Enrapture” music video is sure to mesmerize, entertain and mix-up the very fabric of the typical music video format. This music video seeks to change the music video game by visually showing that music has the power to entrance and affect the mood of its listeners.

The music video will be taking an average and overused concept and putting a major spin on it. In this music video, an entire pool party will be taken into the pool, literally. Lounge chairs, the DJ and his turntables, party-goers, drinks, LED lights, plant-life and just about anything else you can imagine coming across at your typical summer pool party. We’re literally submerging an entire pool party to bring the pool party into the pool.

Mence, the featured artist in the music video, is a talented Miami based DJ who produces progressive house music like his song, “Enrapture”. Mence’s music captures the perfect sound for both an above-water party and an underwater party. The euphoric beats of “Enrapture” highlight the typical party atmosphere that we all know and love, which, in tandem with the visuals, will allow a viewer to feel like he is at the party, traveling through the crowds and going for the underwater party adventure of his or her life.

This ambitious project, being put together by talented Emerson College film students, is no easy task. Not only does the concept require funding, but also immense creativity, problem solving skills and a great deal of marketing and producing work. This group of talented student artists and filmmakers hope to prove the importance and hard work involved in any form of creating artwork. They are dedicated to showing the public that young artists can achieve ideas and concepts never before attempted and because of this, they are donating any money raised above their budget to a charity devoted to funding, supporting and fostering art in schools and in youth communities.  

Check out more information on the Mence “Enrapture” underwater music video project on our official website: http://www.mencemusicvideo.comAlso, be sure to visit our Indiegogo fundraiser:http://igg.me/at/menceunderwatermusicvideo/x/3510060.

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