Jun 30, 2013

Darwin, Dirt, and Bubbles

When I visited Wendy and Darwin in Regina a few weeks ago, I had wanted to go to the park to play with Darwin. I came prepared with tubes of bubbles, but as luck would have it, it rained the entire weekend. Instead, we salvaged the plans by playing on the balcony, and Darwin didn't seem to mind. 

As I'd hoped, the bubbles went over well with Darwin. He laughed and yelled as they floated away, catching a few in the process. This fascination would occasionally lead him to the potted plants, which he happily dived into as soon as the bubbles popped. By the end of it all I'd captured some fun pictures, and we were all a bit wet, soapy, and covered in dirt - no one more so than Darwin. 

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Anonymous said...

Off the rails! Great set.