Jul 12, 2013

Ceramic 3D Printing at Medalta Potteries

After a lengthy shooting schedule, lots of experiments, hours collecting commentary, and late nights spent editing, it's great to finally be able to share the finished video that I created for Medalta and the Artists in Residence. I was fortunate to observe this fascinating technology up close and see the ceramic 3D printer used in numerous capacities throughout the several weeks that it was at Medalta. 

Ceramic 3D Printer

From artists being introduced to the ceramic 3D printer to finished pieces being air blasted, it was an amazing experience getting to be a fly on the wall while there was so much creativity in the air. During the shoot I also captured a number of photos of the experience, including the ceramic 3D printer in the old Medalta factory. See those images here: Part 1 and Part 2

ceramic 3d printing medalta medicine hat alberta
ceramic 3d printing medalta medicine hat alberta

In  the end, I'm really happy with the outcome of this project (and it's been viewed over 350,000 times on YouTube so far). I think the technology behind the 3D printer is amazing, and not only did it help produce some visually stunning work while at Medalta, but it also provided lots of great visuals for me while it was in action. In addition, I feel like the video really gives a sense of the excitement and energy that surrounded the Artists in Residence while all of this was going on. It's a great showcase for this incredible location, and I'm just pleased that I got the opportunity to be involved and meet so many great people in the process.

ceramic 3d printing medalta medicine hat alberta

Medalta has launched a brand new YouTube channel that I highly recommend you check out. Fingers crossed that I can continue to help them create original videos moving forward. I know there's a lot more to show off in the clay district, and it seems there's always something interesting happening down at Medalta. 

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