Jul 5, 2013

Darwin Gets a New Ride

Visiting with Wendy and Darwin in Regina last month, I decided it would be fun to bring Darwin a little present - his first set of wheels. This miniature Kawasaki ATV looked like it would be entertaining, and getting to see Darwin figure it out was just that.

He'd push the buttons to rev the engine. He'd awkwardly climb on it, not quite sure of how to get his leg over to the other side. He'd go backwards a lot, and he'd try and walk with it stuck under him. This was nothing compared to him trying to get off of it, which consisted of him putting his arms up and whimpering for help or trying to climb off and getting his butt hung up on the handlebar. What a kid.

In the end it was totally worth it, and I look forward to playing with him again come August. In shooting this latest home video, I was amazed at how much bigger he was since the video I shot last summer. Considering my distance, I'd say we're starting to get a nice collection of memories. 

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