Jul 24, 2013

Photography for Medalta's Gift Shop

If my own photo sets around Medalta didn't give away how much I like the place, hopefully these images of their products do. I was hired to shoot these images for their gift shop back in the spring before I became side-tracked by the 3D printer video I also did for Medalta. Expanding on what I've done countless times for the Weddingstar website and magazine, I set out to capture the items in Medalta's museum gift shop for the launch of their new online store. 

From basic shots on white, to comparison shots of sizes and sets, to in-use shots with props and food, the entire shoot was a lot of fun to pull together. I can't wait to see these images in use, but for now here's a sampling of some of what I captured. Stay tuned for the launch of Medalta's gift shop when it goes live here - and shameless plug - I'm always on the lookout for new projects, so feel free to inquire here.

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