Jun 7, 2013

3D Ceramic Printer at Medalta: Part 2

The shooting has wrapped and the experiments with the 3D ceramic printer at Medalta Potteries have ended for the time being. There were a lot of highlights over the last couple of weeks though, and I put my cameras to good use. I enjoyed getting an up close look at the machine in action and seeing how the artists were playing with the technology. It was also a lot of fun to get their comments about the printer and have the opportunity to use them as the driving force behind the video.

Over the course of two weeks I captured a lot of cool visuals. I did some time lapsing, captured the unique facets of the machine and the 3D computer modeling, and got some great footage of the dust being airbrushed off of a very unique 3D piece. In addition to this, on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago, Greg and I wheeled the printer from the Artists in Residence into the old factory in the Medalta museum. While there I shot some footage and captured some amazing pictures of the machine against the century old backdrop of the historic clay district.

On June 1 there was an open house at Medalta to showcase just what had happened while the machine was here. One of my images was blown up and displayed at the entrance of the event, which was cool for me to see. This project has been such a great experience overall, and after going through all of the footage, I can't wait to see how it pans out. The finished video should be ready in a few weeks time. 

My print at the entrance of the 3D open house.

Proof that I was actually there.

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