Jun 24, 2013

Medicine Hat Flood 2013: Part 2

Around 5am on Sunday morning I ventured down to the river to get my first look of the flood moving in. The South Saskatchewan River had started spilling onto River Road near City Hall, and with the company of a few other curious onlookers, we watched as over the course of 15 minutes the river continued to swallow the street.

Movement was limited as entire parts of the city were blocked off by police, and it was certain that the bridges would close by midday. The craziest experience for me was the sound of the river from the middle of Finlay Bridge. Not only was the water moving at an incredible speed, but amid the silence of the city, logs and even full trees in a few cases, were colliding into the pillars of Finlay and it echoed as they snapped. Now it seemed real. This was the start of the flood in our city.

In this 2 second exposure you can really get a sense of the water's speed.

I shot pictures of my cousin here a few weeks ago, it's all under water now.

Again, the long exposure emphasizes how fast the water is moving.

Less than 24 hours difference from the shot below.

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