Jun 23, 2013

Medicine Hat Flood 2013: Part 1

My hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta is currently in a state of emergency as preparations have been ongoing for the impending flood at our doorstep. From volunteers sandbagging at Elm Street School to night crews working into the wee hours of the morning to safeguard City Hall along River Road, I've captured some incredible actions in the last 48 hours. 

I've watched the river consistently rise in this time, but the worst is yet to come. In line with what we've seen in the mountains and Calgary, this flood is predicted to be an aggressive one as it makes its way into the southeast of the province. After spending over a year photographing the history of my hometown, this is the first time I feel that I've been capturing history in the making. Stay safe Hatters. Here's my first set of images from the 2013 Medicine Hat flood preparations.