Mar 19, 2013

St. John's Church Interior: Part 1

I was really happy to finally get the chance to have a look inside of Medicine Hat's oldest church, St. John's Presbyterian. The space is beautifully appointed with stunning stained glass windows, large pendant lighting, and modest wooden details. Despite this church being constructed in 1902, the interior reflects more of the 1950s upgrades than its historic roots. However, the various changes echo the buildings relevance and use for over more than a century.

A few of the highlights for me included the salvaged stained glass windows that were on display throughout the church (in addition to the original ones too obviously) and the old framed Roll of Honour lists which distinguished those who served in the Canadian military, specifically during the World Wars. I loved seeing artifacts, memorials, and pictures from the church's history proudly on display.

The front of the church used to feature an organ and an area for the choir, but they were removed during the major renovation and expansion during the 1950s. The pipes of the organ are still there, but they're covered up behind boards and the front curtain so they're not easily visible. All things considered, the church has been well maintained for all these years. It was amazing to see up close.

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