Mar 9, 2013

Police Point Park in Winter

At the end of last summer I went to Police Point Park to do a photo shoot of the leaves that had just started to turn. The park at the time was colourful, rich, and lush - a natural wonderland that lent itself to being photographed. With that shoot as inspiration, I wanted to return to Police Point to capture the parallel view at the other end of the spectrum. Little did I know that the result would turn out so well.

More than just documenting a location, with this shoot I was really keen on capturing the textures of the park. From the ambient and soft glow of the sun to the crisp snow, wispy grass, and cracked bark, I loved the challenge of finding symmetry and patterns in a landscape that otherwise seemed chaotic. The winter scenery is harsher, more sharp, and naturally more monotone, and yet I found it to be incredibly beautiful. Perhaps it was because I had lower expectations than when I did my summer shoot, but everything just seemed to pop (especially when I got around to editing) and I kept finding scenes that inspired me.

It looks like those beavers I saw last summer have been busy - tons of the trees right next to the river had these familiar teeth marks in them.

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