Mar 5, 2013

Cypress Club Interior: Dining & Boardroom

As an active club, the dining area and boardroom of Medicine Hat's Cypress Club are still very popular (and private) locations for members to meet. Much like in the lounge, the classic details are continued from the heavy drapery to the light fixtures, further accented by the stunning dark wood embellishments. 

In the boardroom in particular, it was cool to see framed mementos with members signatures from important gatherings in the club's past. Small touches throughout the building echo the history that's taken place here, and I loved stumbling onto the clues left on display. Together, they only added to the upscale feel of the surroundings.  

The brothel ring, now hung on the mantle in the boardroom, is an interesting piece of history highlighted by a framed image and a brief write up. It reads:

For many years this ring was in the curb in front of the Cypress Club front door. During the horse and buggy days the local livery stable had a horse they tied to it.

Patrons desiring transportation to the local brothel would take the horse and buggy and upon reaching their destination would turn the horse around. It would make its way back to the ring and there await the next passenger.

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