Mar 30, 2013

An Epic Spring Clean

Generally speaking I'm a pretty organized guy. I'd like to think that it's the editor in me that makes me compartmentalize things so efficiently, but then again maybe I'm just a bit obsessive. Unfortunately, this obsessiveness hasn't extended to my cleaning habits, which are fairly hit and miss. But then that's okay, because it's exactly the kind of thing that you can find yourself sucked into doing by accident on a day off.

Despite not planning to spend an entire day cleaning my apartment, once I started I couldn't seem to stop. I was looking for a book in my collection and started cleaning a shelf, then I was cleaning off the entire bookcase, and then shortly after the vacuum was out. Before I knew it I'd swept and dusted the entire apartment on the back of rediscovering a bunch of my stuff. Funny how much stuff you forget about isn't it?

There's something quite cathartic about cleaning like that. It's like my space is brand new again, and I feel surprisingly proud for doing little more than not being a slob. It must have something to do with the awesome weather we've been having too, as I can't help but stay busy to shake off some of the humdrum of winter. With so many big projects on the go, it's also just nice to finish something in a day and be able to enjoy the outcome.

The point is, my spring clean was a success and a surprisingly effective way to mellow out. With my birthday celebrations this evening, I look forward to waking up hungover tomorrow (on my actual birthday) in a spotless apartment. The timer starts again however to see how long I can actually keep it this way.

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