Feb 24, 2012

Movie Nights

Last week Andrea and I went to see Chronicle at the Cineplex.  We've actually been to the theatre more regularly over the last few weeks than we've been in a long time because we've been checking out Oscar flicks.  Chronicle wasn't one them.  However, it was actually a lot better than some of the nominees I've seen this year.

What I've actually come to appreciate more over these last few weeks has been the joy of going to the movies during the week again.  It's pretty relaxed, not very busy, and it's nice to feel up to date on a few new releases for a change.  What's been disappointing is the lack of nominees actually in the theatre though.  It seems like a lot of them came and went in a week, and if you weren't glued to the listings you missed them.

You'd think that a lot this could be made up for online, but given the release dates of a lot of these pictures, it seems like they're in limbo between the theatre and DVD.  On top of this, there are no video stores around anymore to rent from, which just last year provided an easy way to grab a few movies for the weekend.  It's kind of annoying to try and work through a checklist of nominated films that no one can actually see until after the telecast, but I suppose this is nothing new. 

Movie nights are still a lot of fun of course, but the Oscars are this weekend and I still have more flicks that I haven't watched on my nominees list than I've ever had in years past. Go figure that it would actually become more challenging to try and see all of these movies with all of the options available.  

Have you seen any of the nominees this year? Any favorites? I haven't been that excited about many of them if I'm completely honest.     

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