Feb 12, 2012

A Conversation Between Film School Buddies

All of my friends from Regina have moved all over the place since my film school days, so it's not always easy to stay in touch.  I'm no longer in Regina myself so meet ups often require some strategic planning to coordinate visits.  Jen and I in particular have been playing facebook message tag for the last few weeks trying to work out a time to Skype with one another. Last night we finally got the chance.

Things are going well.  Jen and I shared our stories about work, about leaving Regina, and about the continuation of our post-university ambitions.  I'm here in Alberta, Jen is out in Toronto, and despite how different our daily lives are, we still seem to relate to things like hardly any time has passed.  It was actually refreshing to be reminded of some of those film school hangouts and how we're still finding ways to reinvent and conquer the goals we had back then.

Skype has become a regular part of my life these days, and I love it.  My friend Tyler and I (also buddies from film school) Skype often just to pass the time and have a couple of beers.  Despite the distance, it's great knowing that it's easy to have some face time with your good friends and share some of your stories outside of the everyday bubbles we're each in.

The talk Jen and I had last night was fun, and I guess it seemed noteworthy because it feels like the start of something new again.  Of course, a conversation between film school buddies wouldn't be complete without referencing one of the random projects we made in class together.  Ladies and gentlemen, Hip Hop Ninny Shoe Satisfaction.  

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