Feb 8, 2012

Adventures in Corporate Video

Over the last couple of weeks I've started working on a new video project with Stream Media.  What makes this one noteworthy however, is that for the first time in months it looks like we're going to get to create something that won't feel so obviously corporate. If our meetings so far have been any indication, it's actually going to be a lot of fun to pull this off.

Between rough storyboards, discussing techniques for shooting with a DSLR, sharing music, and fine tuning our concept, I'm finding myself wading more in the creative end of production for a change.  Part of it is that our message isn't as didactic as other projects we've done either, so there's room to play and make something that actually feels more cinematic.

My role in acting solely as an editor has been changed up given the nature of this project.  Like I said, I've been involved a lot more in the pre-production and concept than I usually am, and will play a significant role in how our promo is shot.  It's been a few years since I've been reminded of so many different film school exercises.    

I don't want to give anything away while we're in production, but I thought it would be nice to mention that corporate video isn't always as cold as it's sometimes made out to seem.  And while I feel it's always been a creative outlet, it's not quite so often that I've felt like we get the chance to make something with some art behind it.  Who couldn't use a bit more work that doesn't feel like work?

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