Feb 15, 2012

Original Animation Storyboards

It was completely by surprise that I stumbled onto all six pages of the original storyboards I drew up for my Film 203 animation class that I took in 2004.  I honestly thought I'd lost them when moving and hadn't actually seen them in over five years.

I've previously shared the drawn backgrounds and actual film strip from this final project titled, Over at Grandpa's.  What's also exciting is that I recently purchased a vintage 16mm projector (still on route) to try and capture some of my remaining film school shorts that I haven't been able to play.  It's yet to be determined whether the film from this animation will hold up in the projector, but hopefully I'll be able to share some excerpts at the very least.  For now, it's just cool to be able to look back at all the work that went into this claymation that I never even got a chance to screen. 

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