Nov 3, 2010

Weddingstar Behind the Scenes Teaser

This summer I was asked to go up to Calgary to film and create a series of behind the scenes videos for one of Weddingstar's magazine photo shoots. The experience was a lot of fun, not just because of everything that I got to witness about how the magazine/catalogue for the company is produced, but because it gave me a chance to take the videos that I create for Weddingstar in a bold new direction - finally outside of my small in-house studio! 
On location shoots are something that I see becoming more and more important as I look for ways to help promote what the creative team members at Weddingstar design. It's what I love about the job. Everyone is able to play a key role by bringing their unique skills to the table and I feel fortunate to be able to share and learn from those mixed experiences. 

The behind the scenes shorts I ended up creating are only around a minute to a minute and a half long each (over 6 videos) but I think the imagery and mood of the shorts make a strong impression. They'll begin debuting in a matter of weeks on our WeddingstarTV YouTube channel. Until then, check out this teaser trailer I created for the debut below.


Angry Charlie said...

Nicely done! All that editing looks like hard work and must make you very hungry. Too bad you don't have an assistant to bring you food and whatnot... eh? EH?

Editing Luke said...

You're hired, Tyler! Sadly the position comes with no pay or benefits, but you will be surrounded by non-stop awesomeness :)