Nov 30, 2010

Fremont Street Cutouts

Having been to Las Vegas and the famous Fremont Street Experience several times before, I thought it would be cool to play around with these photos that I shot on our 2010 road trip to California.

Manipulating the cutout filter in Photoshop and boosting the color and vibrancy of some of my select images, I created stylized prints of some popular Fremont Street scenes. For my own sake, this was an easy way to separate and re-imagine a series of images that I seem to shoot over and over again each time I visit.

This evening in early September was a general blur between casinos, bars, and souvenir shops. It was the first evening of rest and celebration after two days of driving from Canada, and we both seemed anxious to kick back. Inadvertently ending up in Vegas on the long weekend, the crowds actually made the short stop seem more iconic of a classic Vegas trip. In an alcohol and neon fueled hypnosis, the hours flew by.

For more, here's a video I made from a previous visit to Fremont Street and my complete photo set of downtown Las Vegas from 2010.

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