Nov 9, 2010

O Plastic Tree

It's been the same story for over 6 years now. The first weekend of November my Christmas tree goes up, the decorations come out, and the holiday flicks get some air time. It goes back to my second year in film school when I put up a mini-tree in my dorm room.

I've always been a sucker for Christmas and the idea of having a tree in my dorm seemed like a cool piece of kitsch and novelty. My roommates were quick to show interest, and friends soon started to realize after the second year in a row that it was kind of becoming my thing. It made sense to put the tree up early back then because the semester would end at the start of December and I'd be on my way back home. If you wanted to make it worth it, it had to go up in November. 

Now out of film school, the tradition continues. My collection of film and television themed ornaments along with personal mementos from trips and friends now make my tree even more of a spectacle. The plastic limbs are filled to the brim, so much so that last year the base of my tree broke from the weight of the ornaments - this years replacement is much sturdier.

What can I say? I have Kevin McAllister syndrome when it comes to Christmas trees. You can see a picture of this years tree above and the time lapse video I made in 2006 of one of my dorm Xmas trees below.

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