Nov 15, 2010

1999 Jaguar XJ8 Photo Shoot

Shot against the backdrop of former rail yard warehouses, my 1999 Jaguar XJ8 was gleaming after a thorough washing and wax. This used to seem like a chore and now it's an enjoyable way to kill an hour of free time. The same can be said about the evolution of my photography.

While photo shoots like this are admittedly indulgent, the imagery and textures feel classically cinematic. The contrast between the car and location fill my head with potential plot points, and I'm comfortable to play make believe as I construct my shots. It's all captivating when your location and focal points make such strong individual impressions in their own right.

There's no denying the Jag is pretty, and focusing on the details of one of your prized positions is a sure fire way to instill an even greater sense of pride. As it turns out, inspiration also hasn't been hard to find.

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