Nov 8, 2010

In the Audience

To create a blog or website based largely on personal promotion and the ability to share your work is something done with a great deal of optimism. We hope someone will care, will read, will watch. And as views start to trickle in in those first few months you begin to find a target audience and a couple of people who continue to come back to check out your latest posts.

Editing Luke took a lot of work to get off the ground over 3 years ago, and while I still see a lot of work to be done in this project, there have been some pretty incredible milestones along the way. To discover that people are voluntarily coming to see your original content is the dream of any artist/filmmaker/blogger/etc. Now just shy of 100,000 blog views (and over 1 million video views) I wanted to share some of the details about the audience that has viewed Editing Luke since it was created in 2007.

At the time of this post this site has been viewed in 150 countries in over 6700 cities around the world. Not surprisingly given my content and location, over half of all my visitors have come from Canada and the United States (roughly 52%). I've always been writing my blog in Canada, so it's also not surprising that my readership has been much higher in the provinces that I've lived, I've written about, and have close friends in.


North American Cities (above) - In this map the cities with the highest number of total views since this blog was created are shown. My hometown of Medicine Hat is the largest dot.


United States (above) - Here the top 10 states with the highest number of visits have been ranked. California and New York have a significant lead over the others, which given my travel posts and film student/related content (not to mention the population of those states) seems on target.


Europe (above) - This map shows the percentage of all visits to Editing Luke that have come from these specific regions of Europe. Off all these countries, the UK has the largest single contribution with 3.77% of all traffic to my site.


The World (above) - Finally, this map shows the density of visits from around the world and select percentages of some of the more popular locations where people come from. The darker the color the more visits. You can see that North America has a substantial lead, but there are also strong pockets of viewership from Southeast Asia and Europe. The beige countries represent no views from those locations - a few people have actually visited from Greenland though!

It still amazes me that so many strangers could be viewing my site sometimes, but it feels incredible to know that I've been able to create something from my experiences to share. Often you doubt that anyone is reading, but if this is just the beginning of things to come who knows what the numbers will say in another 3 years?

I guess I'll have to keep working at it to find out. Thanks for visiting from your part of the world!

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Angry Charlie said...

Congrats on your success with this, Luke! I've always found it more fascinating to see where people who read my blog are from versus the amount that actually do. Obviously the same is true for you! Well done!