Mar 9, 2010

Please Vote For My Movie

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With the number of times I've submitted, uploaded, and
promoted my projects you'd think I'd be comfortable with the film contest/festival process - at least on the independent/DIY level. In truth, I think I've just learned how to reason with myself to appreciate that the challenge has the potential to be a great reward in and of itself.

So here we go again with me asking you to vote for one of my short films.

Last year I uploaded my film school short, The Geology Student to Season 2 of and in Week 3 of the contest I was voted into the semi-finals. With 40 weeks having gone by there's now 40 weekly winners, including myself, and voting has just begun for the week.

There are 4 rounds of the contest and each week 8 people are eliminated. All you need to do is click this link (or the giant banner above) and use your email address to vote for my short. You only need to cast one for each week.

They've actually simplified the process from last year, improving the page layout to keep you in the right place while trying to vote, so it's easier than ever.

The winner this year, besides getting a portion of the prize money collected, will get a trip and 2 tickets to the Toronto International Film Festival, which would be sweet. It's a pretty amazing prize!

That's about it, I'll keep things simple myself. If you have a couple minutes to spare it's easy to click over to watch my short and vote for me. There's no thumbs up or rating system, a vote cast is simply a vote to win.

Thanks for all of your help and support folks! As always, it means a lot.

Visit my profile page to vote here.

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