Mar 18, 2010

My Videography

The initial purpose and strategy of this blog was to create a dynamic showcase for my video work and edits. However, as the amount of content has grown over several years, I've been finding it more and more difficult to navigate to older content that I want to find (which means no one else will bother either). So, it was a great relief when I heard that blogger now allows you to add up to 10 separate pages for your blog.

What's bothered me about having my videography in the sidebar for so long is that as it grows, not only is more valuable space cluttered up, but the purpose of making my projects more relevant and easier to find is diminished. You may notice that things have already started to change.

Now if you click on my videography link, you're taking to a new page right here on Editing Luke. Similar to a regular post, just without the specific date or comments section, the videography page remains flexible for future manipulation without seeming like you're back-tracking or revising old content. It also allows me to be far more comprehensive in listing my projects than just the sidebar does. Plus, the web address for the page is kept simple, making it ideal for sending direct links and getting people to visit premium content first.

See the brand new videography portion of Editing Luke by clicking here. I'll continue to take advantage of this new feature to further streamline this space, which for readers and viewers, means a more comfortable experience (I hope) while exploring. At the very least, it'll make my overall presentation look cleaner without losing the focus of why the info was there in the first place. Not to mention, that dividing my projects up into year by year lists was long overdue.

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