Mar 5, 2010

Indio Outio: Original Opening

The evolution of Indio Outio is something that I've enjoyed sharing since the trip took place in the late summer of 2009. I never really knew how it would all turn out as my plans for editing it continued to change over the months, but part of that was because of how much great footage I was able to capture. Better to have a lot of options than too few I suppose.

This intro was initially cut in September of 2009 and helped to establish the preview trailer that I debuted at the time (hence the same opening cuts, just played in reverse). The project was going to take on more of a documentary vibe, but the challenge to screen it or successfully upload the full project the way I wanted kept things in limbo.

My decision to share a series of edits as one loose project (Indio Outio) ultimately won over my personal documentary concept, but that's not to say that the edits aren't still personal. I did cut shots of my buddy Dave and I in where available, and all the music I selected was either stuff we listened to on the trip or that I had been listening to leading up to it. In any case, the individual edits for the various destinations replaced the need for a longer set of titles, but just to share a bit of the process I thought I'd still share this portion that had been sitting idle for so long. Enjoy!

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