Jan 28, 2009

Portfolio Preview

In an effort to put some of my down time to use, I started putting together a new DVD portfolio of some of my work. I recently upgraded my editing software to play with some new transitions and filters, and revising my portfolio seemed like the perfect opportunity to try them out. This preview will play as a lead in to my main menu on my reel where anyone can view samples of my projects. It's a brag fest, but I guess that's the point.


Anonymous said...

Pretty Epic! The best reels I've seen come through have been like this as well. The DVD menu's create options for you to look at too. Make a shorter version like 15 sec. to play in the menu, make it visually pretty and have your name none of the other text ie. news paper but the news audio is an idea. Little bits like this to start create a greater interest. Keep in mind though most that come through are ones for Directors that have had regional TV play or national/global. You have a lot of work ahead of you but your light years ahead of most of us.

Editing Luke said...

Thanks M. This video is the intro that plays automatically before the menu comes up. My actual menu is more like an interactive resume/videography with a sampling of various personal projects and my commercial edits from work. You make a good point about directors reels, etc. although I think my selling feature in this approach is that I'm 24. I just want to show that I've attempted a lot for my age and have received recognition in various forms for it. At my current level, I think my proof of effort is what really helps me stand out.