Jan 2, 2009

Follow This Blog! Please?

I just added the 'follow this blog' widget and now I feel so alone. I'm sure a bunch of you already know the deal with this, but if you use Blogger it's an easy way to keep tabs of the updates on various blogs by just looking at your blogspot dashboard. Plus, it's a free link to you via my blog.

So, if you find yourself surfing over here from time to time on Blogexplosion, Entrecard, Facebook, etc. why not click the link 'follow this blog' under Followers and add your face to the mix. I've finally just started searching out and adding my favs to my dashboard. So many blogs folks, but if you add your face to mine you can be sure that I'll click over to check yours out. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I'm not on blogger. Can others follow you, or just blogger folks?

Editing Luke said...

You can subscribe to my blog by clicking on the subscribe link further down on my sidebar. That works well as you'll get an email when I update. You'll be able to read my posts from those emails, but you'll have to visit my blog directly to see my videos that I post. Thanks for the question.

missdelaney said...

so i'm minorly technologically retarded (and make up my own words) it won't let me follow it while i'm looking under blogexplosion. however, i'm all for supporting starving artists....even those who are just sorta hungry. so hop over to my blog, leave a comment, then i'll be able to follow. or tell me a better way. either or.