Jan 19, 2009

Video Postcards: A Decade

The first few posts I made on this blog back in June 2007, were about my travel edits - specifically my video postcards. The postcards were put together in December 2006 as part of an editing exercise I made for myself, where I captured all of my vacation footage and then linked it on a DVD. The main menu was a map, and by clicking on the various markers you could watch a short clip of each destination. It was part of a gift I was making for family and friends who I'd traveled with before.

Since then, my postcards have evolved into various projects, they've also undergone several re-edits, and some are exactly the same as the first time I put them together (ie. my Ontario postcards from 2000). Now there are over 20 travel edits. When I first wrote about my reason for making my Travelogs I said:

"At best they're polished recollections of various destinations, events and experiences, and at worst they're just snappy music videos. However, for those who have traveled with me and have found themselves watching one of these VVs (vacation videos) years later, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't agree that the video became an essential piece of memorabilia in giving face to the experience."

It's true, as time has gone by the videos have proven their worth by holding on to a lot of the random moments that my friends, family and I associated with the various trips. You wouldn't necessarily pick up on the exact same things, but there again is the value of the work. Everyone sees something different, associates their own memories with the spot, picks up on something they missed themselves, or is given a quick glimpse of somewhere they've never been.

I'm not a world traveler yet, but ranging from the late summer of 1998 to the fall of 2008, these various vacation vids compile a wealth of personal memories in mere minutes. Because this blog began with reference to my postcards, it felt like an update was in order to bring all the shorts together in their different playlists at last. For as much as was shot, I want to clarify that this is not really the beginning, nor is it the end of the postcards. Part of the fun in having home video footage is being able to reflect on it for years to come. Here's to a decade.

Use the arrows to scroll through each playlist to see the edits for each location, and look under My Selected Videography in the sidebar to see the playlists separately.

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