Jan 16, 2009

One Banana (2001)

It was in January 2001. I was in grade 11, 16 years old, and as part of a communication technology class I made this short animation project. This project in fact was the one that kicked off my love of stop motion and inspired future projects like Clumsy Claus and Sitting Bull. The concept is very simple, just a tribesman after a banana in a tree. In terms of my own history, however, this project symbolizes a distinct change in the presentation of my work. Knowing full well that I'd have to debut this project in front of a large class, I focused very closely on the little details of my animation. Sure, the motion is choppy, but for an early attempt I'm still impressed with how the little flowers, the toilet paper roll tree, and my handmade tribesman hold up. It seems charming enough to share, despite it's obvious flaws.


The photo above was taken in 2005, and was a set I designed as part of a possible sequel to this movie, to be called 'Two Banana'. That project was never made, but I held onto the set in the hopes of making a new short. I've been considering making a new stop motion flick ever since coming across my old animations, but part of the charm in these is that they were really some of my first stop motion experiments.


L.B. said...

Like you said, it's not perfect but for an early work it's quite good!

Anonymous said...

hey that was really good. as L.B said at early stage its a quite a good work, but one thing look for little perfection, like the tree u used in the picture in not banana tree, so when u make something look for little perfection.
n thankx for dropping in E.C.


Editing Luke said...

haha, thanks kven. although, if you're refering to the photo for the possible sequel, that was just a piece of the set and wasn't supposed to be a banana tree in the background. and if you're refering to the animation, well, the tree is also made out of toilet paper rolls :)