Mar 12, 2013

Cypress Club Interior: Poker & Snooker

The upstairs of Medicine Hat's Cypress Club features more stunning details, most notably the poker and snooker tables. Both of these antiques seem especially noteworthy as they really lend themselves to the image of gentlemen shooting the breeze and bantering about issues of the day. With the table top off of the poker table you can even see cigarette / cigar burns on the wood, which I felt just emphasized the mystique behind the history here. 

Similar to the lounge and boardroom, the upstairs is scattered with treasures. A large moose head hangs on the far side of the snooker table room, an old artillery shell is used as a door stop, and the upper level of the staircase features framed images of all of the club's presidents. In short, it's a beautifully maintained, historically captivating, and well appointed space.

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