Jan 5, 2015

Roadside California: A New Series

In early December I returned to Southern California to retrace the steps from my previous road trips and begin shooting new footage for my long delayed, Searching Salvation video project. The new trip was once again focused on photo journaling, and it made me realize how much photography I'd already shot around California. It was from there that I decided to start putting together a new series for my site - Roadside California.

The series will be largely brand new content, but will also incorporate older posts to show certain locations and experiences from varying perspectives. A lot of what I've shot around the Salton Sea for instance will be comparisons, showing some of the abandoned locations 5 years ago (or further with archival shots) and what they look like now. 

The new Roadside California page is still very much a work in progress at this point, but you can explore some of the existing and upcoming content here. Expect a lot of interesting posts from around California over the next few months. It should be a great start to 2015!

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