Jan 13, 2015

Earl Kitchener School Interior: Part 3

It was roughly a year ago that I was invited inside the former Earl Kitchener School by the Anderson family to see the abandoned space that they were about to transform into their home. Even then the potential of the space was clear, but there was also no question that there was a lot of work to be done on this century old property. That's no longer the case.

Last week I reconnected with the Anderson family and was invited over for a personal tour of their property. "Wow" seemed to be the word of the night as I was lead into each room. The transformation is nothing short of incredible. Naturally, now that it's a private residence I was more selective about what to share - hence I only photographed the main living areas. Regardless, I think it's clear to see the hardwork that went into this renovation.

The wooden floors are original, as are the exposed brick walls, and both were cleaned up nicely and incorporated into their design. The main thing that makes the home so impressive is the scale of everything. The ceiling heights, the width of the main hallway, the rooms themselves, even the light fixtures and accessories are all big to fit the space. It may seem surprising, but it actually all feels very cozy and warm. I was blown away with how well it all came together - especially having the before images as my only point of reference.

I want to thank the Anderson family for their invitation and for allowing me to photograph and share their home. I hope others seeing what was accomplished here use it as inspiration for what could be possible for some of the other historic properties located in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta. It was a lot of work, but there's no denying that this home is truly one of a kind.

Click here to see the vacant interior I photographed one year ago.

Click here to see my images of the exterior when the property was still vacant.

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Unknown said...

Amazing!! So refreshing to see in this city of vinyl siding. Very rarely do people in this city have the vision for such a fantastic project.

Your talented photography captured the beauty of this hopefully trend setting home.