Jan 6, 2015

Alberta to California: An Aerial View

I decided to fly down to Palm Springs and rent a car to maximize my road trip time for all of the places I wanted to capture in Southern California. The views aren't always great when flying, especially if it's cloudy, but on both my flights I got some great aerial shots of the Rocky Mountains and the California desert.

Calgary, Alberta suburbs in winter.

There was a rainstorm in Palm Springs while I was there. Some of the main roads got washed out as a result, and when I took off I finally got a view of the what the runoff looked like. You can see how the water ran right off the mountains and turned into a muddy sludge that ran right into the valley. I didn't understand at first why the rain was such a big deal, as it didn't seem that dramatic at the time, however the desert just isn't meant to get that much rain at once.

Road washed out after Palm Springs rainstorm in December.

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