Jan 26, 2015

7 Springs Inn & Suites in Palm Springs

Planning to do 12 hours of photo journaling and video shooting each day, I was keen to have a comfortable place to call home for my week in Southern California. I found the 7 Springs Inn & Suites in Palm Springs, and if I'm honest, it was the mid-century style of the hotel that drew me in. The open walkways, towering palms, pool, and courtyard all lent themselves to that vision I had in my head of what my California road trip hub should look like.

Naturally, I enjoyed myself. During the week the place was pretty quiet, and after a long day I'd grab a Slurpee and cigar and chill out by the pool and catch up on my messages. Hence, I never saw much of the place during the day as I was always leaving just as the sun was rising and getting back several hours after it had set. Those short winter daylight hours were a challenge, but the evening ambiance of the 7 Springs made for a pleasant escape in the desert.

Slurpee and cigar by the pool.

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