Nov 21, 2013

Abandoned Treasures in Medicine Hat, AB

I think there's a romanticism in abandoned locations. It's fascinating what gets left behind, how a building starts to decay, or how quickly a place can go from being a landmark to a ruin scattered with clues of a forgotten history. 

My fascination with these types of locations is far reaching, however few have resonated with me as much as those in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta. I took my camera behind closed doors to capture these incredible spaces, and hopefully highlight the details that once made them local icons.

Beveridge Block 
Exterior / Interior 1 / Interior 2 / Interior 3

Medicine Hat Brick and Tile (I-XL)
Exterior / Interior 1 / Interior 2

Towne Theatre
Exterior / Lobby / Main Theatre / Projection Rooms / Upper Theatres

Pingle's Drug and Book Store
Exterior / Interior / Painted Wall

Imperial Bank of Canada
Exterior / Interior

Hutchinson Block
Exterior / Interior 1 / Interior 2

Assiniboia Inn
Exterior / Neon Sign

Hycroft China Factory
Exterior / Painted Signs / Interior 1 / Interior 2 / Interior 3

Corner Block
Exterior / Interior

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