Nov 23, 2013

A Bigger, Better Christmas Tree

My tree last year (although still epic) seemed to be under an increasing amount of stress because of all the ornaments I had tried to hang on it. I've been collecting movie themed ornaments since film school, so the collection has been steadily growing. However, I knew that for 2013 an upgrade would have to be in order if I didn't want to come home to tree likely to fall over.

I live in a loft apartment with 12 foot ceilings, so I found a really nice 8 foot tree that fit the space perfectly. It matches the scale of the open concept a lot better than my previous tree did, and there's plenty of room for new ornaments now. As is always the case, my tree went up the first weekend of November and I've been digging the lights. The tree provides a perfect backdrop to my late nights spent editing as I'm still rushing to wrap up a ton of end of year projects. If it didn't seem so eccentric, I'd probably keep the tree up year round.

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The Crazy Californian Croatian American said...

Luke, feel free to be eccentric.
My tree is nowhere near as elaborate as yours but it remains up year round in the window ledge
above my computer set up. It reminds me that Christ was born into this world for such as me, and it reminds me of my father who made this little "tree" from a cross section of a cedar root (a matter which has its own almost forgotten history). Be eccentric, its fine ...