Nov 5, 2013

Space Needle: Observation Deck - Part 1

Having wandered around Seattle Centre and the EMP Museum for most of the afternoon, we finally reached the observation deck of the Space Needle as the sun started to set. As you would expect, the views were spectacular. From the stunning skyline, to ferries in the harbor, to Mount Rainier on the horizon, there's no question that this was one of the most iconic moments of our summer road trip through the Pacific Northwest. 

As the sun sunk lower our surroundings became bathed in a warm orange glow as a light breeze circled us on the exterior deck. It was from here that we began pointing out the places we'd been so far, where our hotel was, and where else we wanted to go. For me, it was one of those moments where I made an effort to constantly remind myself of where I was. Having looked at so many images leading up to the road trip, it became a euphoric experience just to finally be there - we'd made it. 

An aerial view of the EMP Musuem.

Mount Rainier from the Space Needle.

An aerial view of MOHAI from the Space Needle.

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